150 days of war on Gaza: Israel far from eliminating Hamas, will create governance vacuum if it does, analysts warn

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Andreas Krieg, a senior lecturer at the School of Security Studies at King’s College London, also believes that Israel has been “very unsuccessful” and is dragging out the war without a clear vision or strategy.

Failed strategies

Commenting on Israel’s war strategy, Krieg said Hamas has been engaging in urban warfare, and usually attacks from “the rear and through ambushes and then disappears again.”

He said this is why there “hasn’t been any way for the Israeli army to really kill or arrest large parts of the fighting force that belongs to Hamas and the different Hamas entities.”

Krieg said around 20-30% of Hamas fighters have been killed, which is a very low number “considering how long the war has been going on and how much destruction it has already caused across the territory.”

However, Israel has potentially been significantly and strategically weakening Hamas’ missile capability, which has resulted in less missiles being fired, he told Anadolu.

Regarding another Israeli aim, the release of Israeli hostages, Krieg said “not even a handful of hostages were freed by (the Israeli army), which again shows that a ‘military-only’ approach to freeing hostages is never going to work.”
Period4 Mar 2024
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