Curatorial Collaboration with Festival Artístico Audiovisual Afrodescendencias Costa Chica (Mexico)

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The Festival Artístico Afrodescendencias was born in 2021. Because of the pandemic, it had to run online during the first editions, but this year, it will be entirely in person.

The aims of the festival are:
- To contribute to the visualisation of artistic expressions of indigenous communities of African heritage
- To exchange knowledge and experiences with peoples and collectives interested in these cultural expressions of Afro-Mexican identities
- Establishing supportive networks between local, national and international academics, artists and activist.

It is an antiracist festival which ultimately seeks to foster a dialogue about the current state of cinema, dance and music of African heritage and to understand the role of artistic expressions in the process of liberation, recognition and struggle in the Afro-Mexican community.

It is located in the area of Costa Chica with the idea of hosting it across several villages and changing these every year. Because of the geographic location of this area, there is a rich cultural diversity.

This year it took place in the communities of El Quizá and Cuajinicuilapa, Guerrero and Lo de Soto, Oaxaca, between 6 to 9 June 2024. The programme is composed of short films on Afro-indigenous communities from the region of Costa Chica (made by them), as well as from Brazil and this year, for the first time, from the African continent, namely, Senegal. The films are organised thematically. This year, the themes include: Migration and Diasporas; Costal Dances in Cinema; Women, Arts and Knowledges; and Youth and Diversities.

The three curated films from Senegal by Estrella, through the collaboration, have been:
Dem Dem (Senegal, 2017) de Pape Bouname Lopy, Christophe Rolin, Marc Recchia (24’)
La danse des béquilles (Senegal, 2021) de Yoro Lidel Niang (19’)
Samedi Cinema (Senegal, 2016) de Mamadou Dia (11’05”)
Period6 Jun 20249 Jun 2024
Degree of RecognitionInternational