Danish Network on Brazil's Emerging Approach to Domestic Stabilisation

    Activity: OtherTypes of External academic engagement - Contribution to the work of national or international committees and working groups


    The purpose of this activity is to create an international network between a cross-disciplinary set of Danish and Brazilian researchers in domains related to security and stabilisation in a domestic and international Brazilian context. We aim to explore the possibilities of future research on a new phenomenon particular to Brazil: the use of military forces in conjunction with civil efforts to stabilise domestic areas outside normal government control. As the subject is not well described we aim at using the explorative workshops to both build a shared understanding among ourselves and with the Brazilian counterparts of the emerging Brazilian policy on the domestic use of Armed Forces to an ultimately civilian purpose. In doing so, we aim at preparing joint Danish-Brazilian research publications, carry out research for these, and at exploring the possibilities for further research across the Department lines among the Danish participants.
    Period15 Jan 201330 May 2014
    Held atDanish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation, Denmark


    • Brazilian Studies
    • Brazilian Participation in Peacekeeping Operations
    • Pacification and stabilisation
    • Brazilian Armed Forces
    • UNDPKO