Director, Wellcome Trust 4-year PhD Programme in Basic Science "Neuro-Immune Interactions in Health and Disease"

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Cross-talk between the nervous and immune systems is critical for survival, and disrupted neuro-immune communication is observed in many debilitating conditions, including chronic inflammatory, neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases. However, research and training in neuro-immune interactions is generally conducted in discipline-specific silos. The aim of the Wellcome Trust PhD Training Programme in Neuro-Immune Interactions in Health and Disease is therefore to foster interdisciplinary research and knowledge-sharing in this field.

Between 2020 and 2028 we will train 30 PhD students in the cellular, molecular and genetic basis of neuro-immune interactions, and the application of this knowledge to human health and health. All projects will be co-supervised by a neuroscience/mental health expert, and an immunology/inflammation biology expert.

The Programme will provide extensive skills training to transition students in and out of the programme – individually tailored in a personal development plan. A diverse and inclusive training environment will be reflected in our programme management board, supervisors, recruitment and partnership plans. We will have an open and positive research culture, including training in research integrity, data sharing, bespoke mental health provisions and zero-tolerance of bullying and harassment.

Our programme will create a new generation of scientists with the knowledge, skills and networks to drive world-leading neuro-immune research, who can excel equally in academic and non-academic professions.
PeriodSept 2020Sept 2028
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