Invited to attend and give advise to MOD Defence Strategy and Priorities (DSP)

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Invited to attend and advise to MOD Defence Strategy and Priorities (DSP), a two-year programme of 16 strategic studies, each reporting to the Defence Strategy group (DSG - co-chaired by the Chief of Defence and PUS), which are designed to derive policy options and choices through analysis of the future geopolitical context, in order to inform: resource allocation; force structure; and, capability development. Each study is based on bespoke horizon scanning led by DCDC, which has aligned its own work programme with that of DSP. The studies encompass a broad range of geographic and thematic issues and challenges which DSP judge are likely to be of particular importance in developing NSS and SDSR 15. Attend Arctic Workstream session January 29, 2013, London, MoD Main Building.
Period29 Jan 2013
Held atMoD Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom