Open Innovation in Science 2024: Debate: Zeroing in on the scientist: Navigating Dynamic Challengesin the Modern Research Landscape

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• OIS practices such as inter- and transdisciplinary collaborations, crowd science, open data sharing and reusing, open science partnerships between companies and researchers, etc. have become more important. Let’s assume they are generally beneficial in terms of increasing the scientific and societal impact of research
• But what are the challenges that emerge for individual scientists?
o Focus OIS practice 1 (Elaine Chew, Markus Perkmann, Michael Doser): Inter- and transdisciplinarity and large teams, including industry participants (not the same thing, but try to combine). Ideas for more specific questions:
 Scientists used to do everything from research questions to project implementation… how have these roles changed? What challenges emerged? What are the implications for rewards and incentives? For PhD education? For publication/career achievements?
 Does “the individual” become more or less important? In what sense? How to deal with different “personalities” in larger collaborations?
o Focus OIS practice 2: (Chiara Franzoni, Muki Haklay): Crowd and citizen science; public engagement. Ideas:
 How to balance tension between research productivity and engagement of participants? Are there too many demands on individual scientists that have limited time and attention?
 How to deal with potential norm and goal conflicts, lack of legitimacy of OIS practices within academia?
o Cross cutting questions that could come up in the discussion:
 How do these issues/panelists’ responses differ between natural and social sciences (Chiara and Markus vs. Elaine, Michael and Muki)?
 How does Artificial Intelligence change the costs or benefits of different OIS practices for individual scientists? Does AI create new challenges related to the two focus practices?
 If you could go back to your own PhD student time, what would you do differently?
Period22 May 2024
Event titleOpen Innovation in Science Research Conference
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  • Innovation
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  • citizen science
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