The Over-examined Life: Ontologies of the Quantified Self

Activity: OtherTypes of Award - Fellowship awarded competitively


This Marie Curie Fellowship project addresses the rising practices of self-tracking and fitness monitoring through digital devices and apps, which have become prevalent in recent years. Spurred by movements such as the Quantified Self, a growing number of people around the world are now embracing this culture of quantification and tracking in the spirit of improving their health and wellbeing, and charting their fitness progress. Drawing on empirical research and theoretical analysis, the project aims to provide critical insights into the dynamics of self-monitoring and health management through digital tracking technologies. It seeks to increase understanding of users’ experiences of self-tracking devices and how such technologies are reshaping their understanding of health, their relation to their bodies, and the effects of these practices on their everyday life. In doing so, the project reflects on the wider ethical, ontological and political issues pertaining to this growing culture of self-tracking. See Twitter: @MetricLife
PeriodOct 2015Sept 2017
Held atEC European Commission, Belgium


  • Quantified Self
  • Tracking
  • Personal health
  • Fitness monitoring
  • Digital Sociology