Under Shroud of Secrecy, Israel Invasion of Gaza Has Begun

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“Everything is happening in darkness,” said Andreas Krieg, a war expert at King’s College, London, adding that “there’s a very small group of people who actually know what’s going on, even inside Israel.”

With communications down, it would have been hard for Hamas to fully grasp what was happening, or to prepare a response, Dr. Krieg said. Palestinian civilians, too, were plunged into terror and uncertainty, unable to reach one another to learn what was happening.

“A sort of pincer movement, cutting it off and making sure nobody leaves,” is how Dr. Krieg described it.
Whether it will work is unclear: The real test will come once the Israeli forces enter Gaza City.
“We’re not in the urban combat stage yet, where it becomes very, very messy,” Dr. Krieg said.
Period31 Oct 2023
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