Why the world needs to understand the importance of the Red Sea - analysis

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Dr. Andreas Krieg, a lecturer at the School of Security Studies at King’s College London, Royal College of Defence Studies, and fellow at the Institute of Middle Eastern Studies, tells The Media Line that the maritime domain is one of the key domains in defining our global order today, and it has always been that way.

In many ways, he says, "Freedom of navigation around maritime choke points is key for the proper functioning of our international liberal order, which is based on trade, freedom of navigation, and interconnectivity."

Krieg explains that from a purely monetary point of view, the rerouting from Bab el Mandeb to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa is less significant than some people make it out to be. He notes that while it is far more distance to be sailed, and so, time is lost if a vessel reroutes, in terms of costs, the money spent on fuel is only slightly more than the fees to get a vessel through the Suez Canal.

That said, Krieg adds that the escalation in the Red Sea does bring serious economic ramifications for Egypt since it relies extensively on the revenue generated through the Suez Canal, and due to the escalation, shipping companies have chosen to reroute and bypass the Suez Canal.
Period13 Mar 2024
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