This datasets contains cardiac MRI images for 20 patients post-coarctation repair. For each patient 2 images of cardiac geometry, and 2-3 phase-contrast flow images are available. This data is suitable for pulse wave velocity measurements. All data is acquired under ethics 09-H0802-78 as approved by the London - Westminster research ethics committee, and has been fully anonymised.Related publication - Van Engelen, Arna, Silva Vieira, Miguel, Rafiq, Isma, Cecelja, Marina, Schneider, Torben, de Bliek, Hubrecht, Figueroa, C. Alberto, Hussain, Tarique, Botnar, Rene M. Alastruey, Jordi, (2017), “Aortic length measurements for pulse wave velocity calculation: manual 2D vs automated 3D centreline extraction", Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance, 2017, v 19, n 1, p32.
Date made available30 Sept 2016
PublisherKing's College London

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