Computational meshes of the cardiac left ventricle of 50 heart failure subjects



Collection of 50 anatomies of the left ventricle of a cohort of subjects selected for cardiac resynchronisation therapy, togheter with their response data. Meshes: provided in VTK format for easier compatibility (original work done with cubic Hermite EX format meshes) Response: excel spreadsheet with the case ID and the class (responder or not responder). "data process.gif" provides an overview of the segmentation and mesh personalization process. Panel A: semi-automatic segmentation by 3D extrapolation (yellow surface and contours) of 2D segmentation contours (red contours and projections) using an open source platform (29). Panel B: mesh template. Panel C: resulting mesh (white surface) overlaid with the segmentation surface colour coded by the distance between them (jet colour map, from 0mm in blue to 1mm in red).
Date made available5 Feb 2018

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