Data files for appendices of PhD Thesis 'Exploring iconic images created by the Ministry of Information and their relation to cultural memory in Britain'



This data was collected and analysed as part of a PhD thesis submitted in February 2019. The PhD research was concerned with understanding the role of Ministry of Information images in British cultural memory and, through the use of surveys, interviews and reverse image lookup, investigated how the images were remembered, interpreted and used online. The data consists of six files. The first includes demographic details of participants who took part in a Mass Observation survey in 2009. The second consists off the results of a content analysis of the responses of participants in the 2009 survey. The third consists of data collected as part of a survey with volunteers which took place between March and May 2017 and the fourth consists of the results of a content analysis of the survey data. The fifth file includes data collected through a study using reverse image lookup to locate and categorise web pages containing a particular set of Ministry of Information images and the sixth consists of a the results of a content analysis of this data.
Date made available30 Sept 2019
PublisherKing's College London

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