Data files for Embroidered Electrodes for Control of Affordable Myoelectric Prostheses



This study reports an investigation into the use of embroidered electrodes for recording surface EMG data from amputees, and the feasibility of using that data as a discrete control interface for a prosthesis through classification of muscle patterns. During data recording, participants are asked to visualise performing one of four gestures with their ghost limb (corresponding to the desired movement of a prosthetic hand) while surface EMG data is collected using the textile-based system. The four classes of gesture are those most commonly used in human hand motion: fist contraction, index finger extension, wrist extension, wrist flexion.Total data size 54.3MB To make downloading quicker and easier the files are accessible as a single zipped folder (11.9MB)
Date made available21 Feb 2018
PublisherKing's College London

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