Data supporting AHRC Project "Screen Encounters with Britain. What do young Europeans make of Britain and its digital screen culture?



The data set includes:WP1 the catalogue & landing page research database - 1. the main catalogue database, which combines the Lumiere database , plus columns to indicate which titles were found during the Landing page research; 2. a list with titles found during the landing page research; 3. a list with findings from the JustWatch research; and 4 UK Titles mentioned by survey respondents, interviewees and in digital diariesWP2 Excerpts from buyer interviews, fully pseudonymised and consolidated within 1 document -WP2 Excerpts from cultural intermediary interviews, fully pseudonymised and consolidated within 1 documentWP3 fully pseudonymised and shortened individidual audience interviewsWP3 fully pseudonymised and shortened focus group interviews with 16-19 year oldsWP3 the survey for 4 countries with three sheets: 1. raw data as downloaded from Qualtrics; 2. the cleaned/translated and weighted database; 3. the weighting table -
Date made available7 Mar 2023
PublisherKing's College London

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