Demonstration Tray Data



Data stored in a zipped ~1.5Gb MATLAB .mat file. --- See [Sena, Howard 2019] for full details on data collection, summary below (link 1 in references). --- Data formatted to follow similar internal 's' structure as [Calinon 2015] (link 2 in references). ---- Loads a struct 'groups'. Contains data from a 4 x 3 mixed ANOVA style study. Condition 1: No FeedbackCondition 2: Replay FeedbackCondition 3: Batch FeedbackCondition 4: Selected Feedback See [Sena, Howard 2019] for full details on test conditions (link 1 in references). ---- Data collected from novice participants using a Rethink Robotics Sawyer collaborative robot to perform a horticultural tray sorting manipulation task. --- 4 groups, one for each condition.Each group contains:- demos : Set of data collected from users-- Each row in demos represents a participant.-- Each column represents an attempt at the assigned condition.-- Contains sub structs containing the experiment data for each attempt (demonstration data trajectories, etc.)- repos : Set of data generated with TP-GMR model, as described in [Sena, Howard 2019]-- Rows and columns same as demos, but all data is generated from the model.-- Same sub structs as demos, except there will be 100 trajectories (one for each target plant in the experiment tray). --- This experiment was conducted with ethical approval granted by King's College London Research Ethics Committee under LRS-17/18-5549.
Date made available18 Jul 2019

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