Provider perceptions of interventions to encourage prevention and early diagnosis of cancer after a negative diagnosis (part of the ORCA Study: Opportunities to Raise Cancer Awareness after urgent referral)



This qualitative interview study explored health care professional views about the feasibility of offering additional support to patients with symptoms suspicious of cancer, who are urgently referred for investigation and after tests are found not to have cancer. Participants were UK National Health Service staff who worked either in primary care referring patients to an urgent referral pathway (also known as the Two Week Wait pathway) or worked in a secondary care urgent referral pathway offering tests to patients to assess whether symptoms were caused by cancer. The sample included nurses, doctors, dentists and allied health professionals. Interviews varied in time duration from approximately 23 to 111 minutes, mean duration was 41 minutes and verbatim transcripts are deposited here.
Date made available16 May 2023
PublisherKing's College London

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