Raw data files for Lawson et al, 2022 "Nuclear fascin regulates cancer cell survival"



Supporting raw data files for - Lawson et al "Nuclear fascin regulates cancer cell survival". The study aimed to analyse the role the actin-bundling protein fascin plays in the nucleus of cancer cells. Experiments were conducted to analyse how nuclear fascin controls the DNA dmage response upon treatment of cells with chemotherapy agents (Fig 3B and Fig 3C of dataset). Experiments also demonstrated that chromatin compaction was altered by nuclear fascin (Fig 3G of this dataset). High content imaging was used to screen for upstream regulators of this process and revealed key molecules that controlled nuclear fascin-dependent apoptosis (Fig 7C of this dataset) and how one of the key upstream kinases controls the correlation between nuclear fascin ad DNA dmage (Fig 7I of this dataset). Overall the data in the study and supporting data here shows that fascin plays a key role in the nucleus of cancer cells to support their ability to survive and proliferate.
Date made available5 Aug 2022
PublisherKing's College London

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