Source Code for the 'Corpus of Resolutions: UN Security Council' (CR-UNSC-Source)

  • Se├ín Fobbe (Creator)
  • Niccolo Ridi (Creator)
  • Lorenzo Gasbarri (Creator)



This code in the R programming language downloads and processes the full set of resolutions, drafts and meeting records rendered by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), as published by the UN Digital Library, into a rich and structured human- and machine-readable dataset. It is the basis for the Corpus of Resolutions: UN Security Council (CR-UNSC).

All data sets created with this script will always be hosted permanently open access and freely available at Zenodo, the scientific repository of CERN. Each version is uniquely identified with a persistent Digitial Object Identifier (DOI), the Version DOI. The newest version of the data set will always available via the link of the Concept DOI:
Date made available5 May 2024

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