SURVEY DATA | Attitudes to inequalities during the COVID-19 pandemic



The survey was fielded online by YouGov in November 2020. The questionnaire covers a range of topics, including:Beliefs about whether Britain was an equal or unequal society before the COVID-19 outbreak and whether this will change post-recoveryPerceptions of whether inequalities are increasing or decreasingConcern about a range of specific inequality types, including unequal outcomes in income and wealth, education and health, and between different genders, generations, racial or ethnic groups, and different areas of the UKIdentifying the groups most negatively affected by the pandemicPerceptions of income distributions, and their association with other forms of unequal outcomes (eg in health)Beliefs about the determinants of unequal outcomes and opportunities to get ahead in lifeAttitudes towards welfare, redistribution and the furlough schemeBeliefs around fairness and meritThe survey also contains a series of split samples, testing framing effects of questions around perceptions of inequalities, redistribution and fairness, as well as the Moral Foundations Questionnaire.
Date made available15 Feb 2024
PublisherKing's College London

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