The Geography of Litter - Litter Impact Index



Litter items are incredibly diverse and can range from inert items such as nut shells to highly toxic cigarette ends. Litter however is referred to as a common collective, with no distinction between level of impact associated with their presence. As a result, the Litter Impact Index was constructed, which collates measures of toxicity, tenacity, threat and transportability, to establish a singular value to score level of harm associated with commonly littered items. Data within include an Indicator Score Guide, which categorises common litter types within indicator parameters, Index scoring system, exectuted index with resulting weighted values and a figure placing items on a scale of increasing impact. Two versions of each file now exist. In addition to the original, an amended version has been uploaded based on feedback from the PhD examination suggesting the toxicity score for thermal papers be augmented.
Date made available18 May 2022
PublisherKing's College London

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