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Alex Franklin


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Philosophy of Physics, especially Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics and Condensed Matter Physics; Philosophy of Science; Philosophy of Probability; Metaphysics. 

Research interests

My research interests lie primarily in the philosophy of physics. I have focussed on questions concerning information-theoretic solutions to the problems of quantum mechanics, and on retrocausal quantum theories. 

My thesis looks at the roles played by the renormalisation group in condensed matter physics (in particular with respect to phase transitions) and investigates how interpretations of such roles might be brought to bear on general philosophical questions concerning reduction and emergence.

Biographical details

I completed the Physics & Philosophy course at Oxford university in June 2013. My fourth year was spent mainly studying particle physics and my MPhys project investigated potential applications of Smith Purcell radiation to beam diagnostics in particle colliders. Whilst at King's College London I have studied for the MPhilStud and am currently working towards achieving a PhD.

I was a graduate teaching assistant in 2014/15 for Metaphysics I and Philosophy of Physics I, and in 2015/16 for Philosophy of Physics I.



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