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Dr Benjamin Doyon

Research interests

I am interested in integrable and conformal quantum field theory and integrable systems more generally, exact results and numerical procedures in statistical mechanics, quantum and classical systems out of equilibrium, and quantum entanglement in extended systems. I'm quite interested in looking at quantum field theory as a powerful theory for emergent fluctuations (collective behaviours) in many-body systems. This point of view connects it to condensed matter and statistical systems, but also provides a fundamental understanding of renormalisation group and an alternative view on the fundamental particles of physics. Currently my two main research directions are (1) to develop the hydrodynamic theory of low-dimensional, interable systems out of equilibrium, which extends integrability structures beyond equilibrium and can be applied to real systems such as cold atomic gases, and (2) to develop our understanding of quantum entanglement in large, many-body systems, using exact and analytic methods based on integrability, on general structures of quantum field theory, or on other frameworks. I am also interested in rigorous results for quantum statistical mechanics out of equilibrium, as well as the connection between certain mathematical measures (conformal loop ensembles) describing emergent fluctuations for a large class of statistical models, and the algebraic construction of conformal field theory.

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