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  1. Sarah Ingham First/primary/lead supervisor

    King's College London

    The Military Covenant: Its Impact on Civil-Military Relations in Britain Since 2000


  2. Cris Matei

    War Studies

    Democratic Control versus Effectiveness: A Precarious Balance for Intelligence Sector Reform in New Democracies


  3. Marie-Louise Sharp

    Psychological Medicine

    Social Influences and barriers to seeking healthcare for mental health problems among UK military personnel: Qualitative and Quantitative Investigations.


  4. Agustin MacIel-Padilla First/primary/lead supervisor

    King's College London

    U.S. National Security in the context of NAFTA: Trans-border threats from Mexico


  5. Mike Hinton

    War Studies

    The Crimean campaign 1854-1856: from 'Sanitary Disaster' to 'Sanitary Success'


  6. Joana Lopes De Deus Pereira

    Defence Studies

    Oil, Transnational Corporations and the State in Africa: Challenges and Prospects for Angola and Nigeria


  7. Shu Huang Ho

    War Studies

    How do senior Operationally-Ready National Service (Reserve) officers in the 2 People's Defence Force, Singapore Army transit between the "civilian" and "military" worlds?


  8. Tor-Erik Hanssen

    War Studies

    Coalition Strategy in Complex Conflicts: The Strategic Behaviour of Three NATO-States in Afghanistan 2003-2008


  9. Robert Egnell First/primary/lead supervisor

    King's College London

    The Missing Link: Civil-Military Aspects of Effectiveness in Complex Irregular Warfare


  10. Howard Burdett

    Psychological Medicine

    Mental health and social wellbeing of ex-Service personnel: the resettlement process


  11. Gonenc Uysal

    King's College London

    The Interaction Between Secularism and Civil-Military Relations in Turkey (1908-2010)


  12. Ali Hawks

    Defence Studies

    The Transition from the Military to Civilian Life: Becoming a Private Security Contractor after Military Service for US and UK Service Leavers


  13. Sebastian Drutschmann First/primary/lead supervisor

    King's College London

    Motivation, Markets and Client Relations in the British Private Security Industry: An Economic-Sociological Perspective on UK Private Security Company Behaviour in Iraq and Afghanistan 2003-2009


  14. Alistair Goddard First/primary/lead supervisor

    King's College London

    Think-tanks and British Defence and Security Policy


  15. Limor Simhony

    King's College London

    Casualty Sensitivity in Liberal Democracies - its Effect on Attitudes to and Behaviour in Wars


  16. Francesco Milan First/primary/lead supervisor

    King's College London

    The Evolution of Turkish Civil-Military Relations, 2003-2013


  17. Hannah Roberts

    War Studies

    The Women's Royal Naval Service 1917-1945: A history of female military inclusion and exclusion


  18. Birthe Anders First/primary/lead supervisor

    King's College London

    Contracting for security in the humanitarian space A study of the relationship between private military and security companies and non-governmental organisations


  19. Li-Chung Yuan First/primary/lead supervisor

    King's College London

    Implementing an All-Volunteer Force in Sweden and Taiwan - A Comparative Study


  20. Marina Caparini First/primary/lead supervisor

    King's College London


  21. Adel El-Adawy

    War Studies

    The Guardians of the State: Examining the Political Role of the Egyptian Armed Forces During Muslim Brotherhood Rule


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