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Dr Dimitra Flouri

  1. Flouri, D., Darby, J. R. T., Holman, S. L., Perumal, S. R., David, A. L., Morrison, J. L., & Melbourne, A. (2021). Magnetic resonance imaging of placentome development in the pregnant Ewe. Placenta, 105, 61-69.
  2. Aughwane, R., Mufti, N., Flouri, D., Maksym, K., Spencer, R., Sokolska, M., Kendall, G., Atkinson, D., Bainbridge, A., Deprest, J., Vercauteren, T., Ourselin, S., David, A. L., & Melbourne, A. (2021). Magnetic resonance imaging measurement of placental perfusion and oxygen saturation in early-onset fetal growth restriction. BJOG, 128(2), 337-345.
  3. Flouri, D., Owen, D., Aughwane, R., Mufti, N., Sokolska, M., Atkinson, D., Kendall, G., Bainbridge, A., Vercauteren, T., David, A. L., Ourselin, S., & Melbourne, A. (2019). Improved Placental Parameter Estimation Using Data-Driven Bayesian Modelling. In D. Shen, P-T. Yap, T. Liu, T. M. Peters, A. Khan, L. H. Staib, C. Essert, & S. Zhou (Eds.), Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention – MICCAI 2019 - 22nd International Conference, Proceedings (Vol. 11766, pp. 609-616). (Lecture Notes in Computer Science). SPRINGER.
  4. Slator, P., Aughwane, R., Cade, G., Taylor, D., David, A. L., Lewis, R., Jauniaux, E., Desjardins, A., Salomon, L. J., Millischer, A-E., Tsatsaris, V., Rutherford, M., Johnstone, E., Melbourne, A., Atkinson, D., Baranikumar, R., Bertholdt, C., Bonet-Carne, E., Brownbill, P., ... Yassine, B. (2018). Placenta Imaging Workshop 2018 report: Multiscale and multimodal approaches. Placenta, 79, 78-82.

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