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Ewan McGaughey

Dr Ewan McGaughey

Reader in Law

ORCID: 0000-0002-5202-6005

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Research interests

Governance of enterprise, corporate law, labour law and the social role of private law.

All journal articles are freely available on LawArXiv or SSRN as working papers.


  • A Casebook on Labour Law (Hart 2019)
  • Principles of Enterprise Law: the Economic Constitution and Rights (Cambridge University Press 2022)
  • The Cambridge Handbook of Labour in Competition Law (Cambridge University Press 2022) co-edited with Prof Sanjukta Paul and Prof Shae McCrystal 
  • A Very Short Introduction to the Corporation (Oxford University Press 2022) forthcoming

Articles on corporate governance and worker voice

Articles on a Green Recovery and Green New Deal

  • 'Green Recovery Act, and explanatory notes' (2020
  • 'Green New Deal: policies to stop climate damage by 2025' (2019

Articles on labour law and policy

  • ‘Will robots automate your job away? Full employment, basic income and economic democracy’ (2018) Cambridge, CBR Working Paper no 496
  • 'OECD Employment Protection Legislation Indicators and Reform' (2019) Remarks to the OECD
  • 'Unions’ Freedom to Establish and Provide Services' in T Papadopoulos (ed), Cross-Border Mergers: EU Perspectives and National Experiences (2019) 171
  • ‘A human is not a resource’ (2020) King's Law Journal
  • Uber, the Taylor Review, mutuality and the duty to not misrepresent employment status’ (2019) 48(2) Industrial Law Journal 180
  • 'Taylorooism: When Network Technology Meets Corporate Power' (2018) 49(5-6) Industrial Relations Journal 459
  • 'Social Rights and the Function of Employing Entities' (2017) 38(2) Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 482
  • ‘Behavioural economics and labour law’ (2014) LSE WPS 20/2014, shorter version published as Can behavioural psychology inform labour law?’ in A Blackham and A Ludlow (eds), New Frontiers in Empirical Labour Law Research (Hart 2015) ch 6

Articles on private law

Articles on constitutional law

Reported court cases

  • Stefanko and others v Maritime Hotel Ltd and Doherty [2019] IRLR 322 (EAT) on the burden of proof for direct race discrimination, the need to provide a contract of employment, and effectiveness of rights 

Short articles, speeches, blogs

  • 'How do we stop an unemployment pandemic?' (19 May 2020) Guardian
  • 'COVID-19 and job security: How to prevent a ‘pandemic of unemployment’' (17 May 2020) LSE Politics
  • 'Ten things the government can do right now to stop a coronavirus depression' (18 March 2020) IER
  • 'Why we need a Democracy Protection Act before the general election' (10 September 2019) LSE Brexit 
  • 'EU law empowers a big Green New Deal and state aid rules stop corporate welfare' (12 December 2018) LSE Politics
  • 'Corporate Law Should Embrace Putting Workers On Boards: The Evidence Is Behind Them' (September 2018) Harvard Law Corporate Governance Forum (translated into Chinese)  
  • 'If 'Vote Leave' Broke the Law, Could Brexit be Void?' (June 2018) VerfBlog and LSE British Politics and Policy
  • 'We need full employment and fair incomes, not unemployment and basic incomes' (June 2018) LSE Business Review
  • 'Ending shareholder monopoly: why workers' votes promote good corporate governance' (November 2017) LSE British Politics and Policy and the Oxford Business Law Blog
  • ‘Good for Governance: Erzberger v TUI AG and the Codetermination Bargains’ (August 2017) Oxford Business Law Blog
  • ‘How democratic is the protection of workers’ rights within the UK?’ (12 July 2017)
  • ‘Do Asset Managers and Banks Control Share Voting Rights on Your Money?’ (5 June 2017) OxfordBLB
  • ‘Donald Trump is fascism-lite. We have the US Supreme Court to thank for it.’ (21 February 2017) USApp
  • ‘We’re All in “It” Together: Without Votes at Work, People’s Wages Are Pressed to the Minimum Wall’ (15 September 2015) LSE International History
  • ‘Member nominated trustees and corporate governance’ (26 June 2013) Association of Member Nominated Trustees

On the media 

  • BBC Radio 5 Live (17 September 2019), BBC Radio Wales (19 September) and BBC Radio Kent (20 September) to talk about the constitutional case of Parliament being shut down by the Johnson executive.
  • NPR, The Indicator from Planet Money (31 July 2019) What if Workers Sat on Corporate Boards? (Transcript.)
  • RT (5 December 2018) discussing Brexit and how the Kremlin attacks western democracy, and RT is a propaganda outlet fuelling far-right climate damage denial.
  • 'Brexit can now be legally voided due to corruption, Dr Ewan McGaughey from KCL tells me why' (5 November 2018) YouTube with Chris Hoar.
  • Roundtable, TRT World (12 June 2018) discussing corporate governance and insolvency policy post-Carillion, and Erdogan's problems with elections.
  • Newshour, Al Jazeera English (4 September 2017) interviewed by Julie MacDonald, on the ‘McStrike’ by McDonalds restaurant employees, comparing McDonalds' suppression of workers' rights to Qatar.
  • LCP Assemble Nationale, Détours Europe: Destination Londres (January 2011) for French Parliament TV, on a series on EU member sociology, I was interviewed on UK collective labour rights. See at 14:00 mins.

In the media 

  • J McGregor, 'This investor wants to put an employee on Google’s board' (20 February 2019) Washington Post and (24 February 2019) Seattle Times
  • R Merrick, 'Brexit: High Court to rule if referendum vote ‘void’ as early as Christmas after Arron Banks investigation' (24 November 2018) Independent 
  • J Fox, 'Why German Corporate Boards Include Workers' (24 August 2018) Bloomberg
  • T Piketty, 'Re-thinking the capital code' (12 September 2017) Le Monde
  • M Alfonso, ‘Robótica. A tecnologia que vai revolucionar o mercado de trabalho’ (20 July 2017) SAPO, I was interviewed by this Portuguese news and internet organisation on whether robots will take our jobs.

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