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In 2020, I received a PhD from King's College London for my thesis on silence and listening in contemporary global art cinema. During my time at King's, I presented my doctoral research at conferences such as SCMS and Film-Philosophy, and my work on the sonic practices of Grisebach and Denis has appeared in Film-Philosophy and The Place of Silence: Architecture/Media/Philosophy (Bloomsbury, 2020).

I hold an MA in Cultural Studies from the University of Leeds, and a BA in English (Cultural Studies) from McGill University.

Research interests (short)

My PhD research focused on the ethics and politics of silence and listening in contemporary global art cinema, bringing together the philosophy of Jean-Luc Nancy, film theories of sound and embodiment, and feminist approaches to voice. These are ongoing areas of inquiry for me, alongside new research projects. 

Research interests

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Resounding Silence: Jean-Luc Nancy and Listening to Global Art Cinema 

PhD Abstract

Silence in film is traditionally discussed in terms of absence and negation, which fails to fully account for the sonority of silence and its call to listen. This thesis theorizes formal experimentation with silence in global art cinema since 2000, through the philosophy of Jean-Luc Nancy and his text À l'écoute (2002)/Listening (2007) in particular. It places Nancy into conversation with film theories of sound and embodied spectatorship, and feminist approaches to voice to advance a relational understanding of silence in film and how it informs the listening spectator. The thesis considers the sonic strategies of filmmakers such as Claire Denis, Elia Suleiman, Kelly Reichardt and Valeska Grisebach, and how their use of silence intersects with questions of border-crossing and foreignness in differing political and (post)colonial circumstances.


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