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Dr Helen Wiseman

Research interests

Current research interests focus on the investigation of the mechanisms of action of soya isoflavone phytoestrogens and other phytochemicals (including the those found in berries), that may influence human health, using proteomic and genomic techniques. Consumption of soya foods, in our recent dietary intervention studies, appears to decrease in vivo lipid peroxidation, measured as F2-isoprostane concentrations, and to increase the resistance of low-density lipoprotein to oxidative damage and the plasma total antioxidant capacity. Proteomic techniques (see picture below) are currently being applied to human serum to investigate the actions of isoflavones in humans. Significant changes have been found in serum protein profiles following dietary supplementation with soya foods and with isoflavone-rich soya extracts. Proteomic techniques have also identified changes to the abundance of several proteins, following the consumption of soya foods, that may be involved in antioxidant and immuno-modulating pathways. Genomic techniques, including gene microarrays, are currently being used to investigate changes in gene expression following exposure to oxidative stress and the possible protective effects of soya isoflavones and other phytochemicals. This is being studied in a number of systems, including human lymphocytes.

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