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  1. Anna Furlan First/primary/lead supervisor


    Henotheism in Orphic sources: Origins, Development and Reception

    1/10/2016 → …

  2. Ischa Schepers First/primary/lead supervisor


    Religious transmission in the Mediterranean: Analysing cult perceptions and practices within the cult of Apollo as conducted in various cities in Greece and settlements in Sicily during the Archaic and early Classical periods

    1/10/2015 → …

  3. Efstathios Kostakis


    Cults of Thorikos: an archaeological and epigraphical study with reflections on religion in mining regions of Greece

    1/10/2012 → …

  4. Justin Yoo


    From ‘Men in Bronze’ to Pedon: Foreign Soldiers and their Leaders in Egypt during the Saite Period (664-525 BC)

    7/01/2013 → …

  5. Daniel Tang


    Anger and Hatred in Athenian democratic praxis and stasis during the Peloponnesian War: A historical analysis of emotional experience.

    13/01/2020 → …

  6. Alex Davidson First/primary/lead supervisor


    The interaction of personal religion and politics in Aristophanes. I examine how cognitive processing and other factors explain and empower the use of personal religion in select plays for political ends, and how persuasive rhetoric is linked.

    1/10/2018 → …

  7. Ben Cassell First/primary/lead supervisor


    The mnemonic arenas of 5th-4th century BCE Athens/Attica: Construction and communication of the past, and the formative potential of collective memory in Classical Athenian identity.

    6/01/2020 → …

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