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My doctoral thesis is concerned with the things we do with mathematics - in particular, our use of mathematics to represent and explain the non-mathematical world. I am particularly interested in how these special mathematical kinds of representation and explanation relate to other kinds of representation and explanation and whether our world-oriented use of mathematics can tell us anything about what mathematical objects are like.

I have other interests too, of varying degrees of separation from the above:

Philosophy of science: I'm interested in representation and explanantion more generally, especially the role of ampliative reasoning in science, counterfactual/modal dependence and mechanistic theories of explanation and epistemic representation. I'm also interested in interest-relativity, especially as it pertains to explanation and the laws of nature.

Philosophy of mathematics & set theory: fictionalism, Frege and the neo-Fregeans, justification in mathematics and set-theory and Penelope Maddy's philosophy of mathematics.

Social philosophy: the relationship between 'analytic' political philosophy's methodology and first-order theories and structural explanations in social theory

Information for students

In 2016/17, I will be the GTA for Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mathematics and Ethics I. Office hours TBA.

I've previously been a GTA for Elementary Logic, Gender & Philosophy, Political Philosophy 1, Philosophy of Science and Methodology.

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MPhil/PhD Philosophy, King's College London, 2013 - 

MA Philosophy, King’s College London, 2012 – 2013 (Distinction)

MA (Hons) Philosophy, University of Glasgow, 2008 - 2012 (First Class) 


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