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  1. Henrietta Howells

    Forensic & Neurodevelopmental Sciences

    Investigating symmetries in human brain networks for hand movement


  2. Lucio D'Anna

    Forensic & Neurodevelopmental Sciences

    White matter disconnection in frontal lobe disorders


  3. Naianna Robertsson

    Forensic & Neurodevelopmental Sciences

    Comparative and developmental anatomy of parietal lobe networks


  4. Stefano Sandrone

    Forensic & Neurodevelopmental Sciences

    The anatomy of the corpus callosum: from post-mortem histology to in vivo tractography dissections in the healthy and autistic brain


  5. Valeria Parlatini

    Forensic & Neurodevelopmental Sciences

    Brain connectivity and treatment response in adult ADHD: understanding the relationship between individual differences in fronto- parietal and fronto-striatal brain networks and response to chronic treatment with methylphenidate.


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