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I read Chemical Engineering and History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge, where I received a BA and MPhil specialising in history of ancient Greek science and philosophy. Following a year teaching Engineering and Materials Science at Queen Mary, University of London, I joined the Department of Philosophy at King's for an MA in History of Philosophy.

I am currently a doctoral student, once working under the supervision of Prof. MM McCabe, and now with Dr. Raphael Woolf and Prof. Blll Brewer. I am also a Graduate Teaching Assistant, currently teaching on the following modules:

  • Epistemology I (4AANB007)
  • Epistemology II (5AANA009)
  • Ethics I (4AANA002)
  • Greek Philosophy II: Plato (5AANA001)

In previous years I have also taught on:

  • Greek Philosophy I (4AANA001)
  • Greek Philosphy II: Aristotle (5AANB002)
  • Introduction to Ancient Greek Philosophy (4AACAP01, Department of Classics).

Research interests

I specialise in ancient Greek philosophy. My doctoral research focuses on Aristotle's notion of epistêmê as a form of understanding: what it consists in, how one acquires it, and how it relates to other types of knowledge (e.g. knowledge-that and knowledge-how). I aim to describe a virtue epistemology, understanding Aristotle's approach to epistemology (particularly in the Posterior Analytics) in light of his account of the intellectual and cognitive virtues and their relation to moral virtue (particularly in Nicomachean Ethics Book VI). My research also reflects upon the relationship(s) between ancient and contemporary epistemology: how they diverge and converge, and to what degree contemporary epistemologists can benefit from the study of ancient epistemology and vice versa. My research is funded by an AHRC doctoral award.

Education/Academic qualification

Master of Arts, History of Philosophy (thesis: Aristotelian dialectic and philosophical truth), King's College London

Award Date: 1 Jan 2012

Master of Philosophy, History and Philosophy of Science (thesis: Reconsidering the pseudo-Aristotelian Problemata: knowledge transfer in the Peripatetic school), University of Cambridge

Award Date: 1 Jan 2010

Bachelor of Arts, Natural Sciences Tripos (thesis: Eutocius of Ascalon’s mathematical anthology: his motivations and intentions as commentator on Archimedes’ On the Sphere and the Cylinder II), University of Cambridge

Award Date: 1 Jan 2009


  • B Philosophy (General)
  • Ancient Greek Philosophy
  • Aristotle
  • Epistemology
  • Philosophy of perception
  • Philosophy of psychology
  • Philosophy of science
  • C Auxiliary sciences of history (General)
  • History of philosophy
  • History of science


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