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  1. Faisal Khan First/primary/lead supervisor

    Vascular Risk & Surgery

    Mechanisms leading to an impairment of vascular homeostasis during acute stress: interaction between sympathetic activity and neuronal nitric oxide synthase.

    5/01/2015 → …

  2. Weiwei Jin

    Surgical & Intervention Engineering

    Novel computational blood flow models and machine learning methods for cardiovascular function assessment

    1/10/2017 → …

  3. Ana Cabrito Cabaco

    Cardiovascular Sciences

    Establishing the role of arterial stiffness and autonomic dysfunction in the pathophysiology of aortic stenosis and defining their influence and importance in the clinical outcomes after valve treatment.

    1/04/2016 → …

  4. Ella Reed

    Vascular Biology

    The Extracellular Proteome of Vascular Ageing.

    26/10/2018 → …

  5. Ryan McNally First/primary/lead supervisor

    Vascular Risk & Surgery

    Assessment of sodium and fluid homeostasis as a stratifier and biomarker in the treatment of hypertension and heart failure.

    1/10/2017 → …

  6. Luca Faconti First/primary/lead supervisor

    Vascular Risk & Surgery

    Association of markers of intravascular volume and fluid homeostasis with cardiac remodelling and cardiovascular function in hypertension

    9/01/2017 → …

  7. Hamad Almarri

    Vascular Biology & Inflammation

    Circulating monocyte phenotype: a novel biomarker of atherosclerosis Certain monocytes, particularly CD16, has been proven to be associated with the inflammatory state in CVD. Could these biomarkers predict atherosclerosis in asymptomatic patients?

    3/10/2019 → …

  8. Iain Parsons First/primary/lead supervisor

    Vascular Risk & Surgery

    Currently I have three projects ongoing: 1) The synergistic effects of oral plasma volume expanders; a randomised controlled trial. 2) The role of histamine in post-exertional hypotension/syncope 3) Cardiac manifestations of active heat acclimation.

    7/01/2019 → …

  9. Ali Roomi First/primary/lead supervisor

    Vascular Risk & Surgery

    The role of nNOS in the regulation of human cardiac function and systo-diastolic function

    14/01/2020 → …

  10. Bushra Farukh First/primary/lead supervisor

    Vascular Risk & Surgery

    10/06/2020 → …

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