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Professor Philip McGuire

Biographical details

  • Head of the Department of Psychosis Studies, Institute of Psychiatry
  • Academic Director and joint Leader, Psychosis Clinical Academic Group, King’s Health Partners
  • Director OASIS (Outreach And Support In South London), Psychosis CAG
  • Director, Voices Clinic, Psychosis CAG
  • Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences, the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the European Psychiatric Association, and the International College of Neuropsychopharmacology
  • Associate Editor of the British Journal of Psychiatry


Professor McGuire studied physiology and medicine at the University of Edinburgh, then worked as a research fellow in primate neuroanatomy at Yale University with Patricia Goldman-Rakic. After clinical training in psychiatry at the Maudsley hospital, he was a Wellcome Research Fellow at the MRC Cyclotron Unit, Hammersmith Hospital with Chris Frith, then worked with Robin Murray as a Senior Lecturer, Reader and Professor in the Department of Psychological Medicine at the Institute of Psychiatry in London.


Research Interests

My research is focused on determining the neurocognitive basis of psychosis and using this as a basis for developing new assessment and treatments for psychotic disorders. Much of this work includes large scale multi-modal studies that involve close collaboration with networks of academic and industrial partners, such as EU-GEI, NEUTOP, OPTIMISE and PSYSCAN and STRATA.


Key papers

  1. McGuire, P.K., Bates, J., Goldman-Rakic, P.S. (1991) Interhemispheric integration I: Symmetry and convergence of the cortico-cortical connections of the left and right principal sulcus (PS) and the left and right supplementary motor area (SMA) in the rhesus monkey. Cerebral Cortex 1: 390-407
  2. McGuire, P.K., Syed, G.M.S., Murray, R.M. (1993) Increased blood flow in Broca's area during auditory hallucinations in schizophrenia. Lancet 342: 703-706
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