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Anatomical predictors of aphasia recovery: a tractography study of bilateral perisylvian language networks.
The impact of neuroimaging on the study of brain-behavior relationships and stroke recovery is substantial. Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) reveals white matter tracts by identifying areas where water molecules flow in the same direction. In this study, using DTI imaging, Forkel et al. found that the volume of the long segment of the arcuate fasciculus in the right hemisphere (contralateral to the lesion) is an important predictor of recovery of language after stroke.

This Recommendation is of an article referenced in an F1000 Faculty Review also written by Donna C. Tippett and Argye E. Hillis.

I would like to thank Argye E. Hillis for their assistance in the preparation of this Recommendation.

Tippett D: F1000Prime Recommendation of [Forkel SJ et al., Brain 2014 137(Pt 7):2027-2039]. In F1000Prime, 28 Jun 2017; 10.3410/f.718472585.793533697

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