A Seamless QoS-Enabled Mobility Management Mechanism for Moving Networks

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The demand for resource-hungry applications whilst on the move is growing, and is being fuelled in particular by the increasing availability of high-quality multimedia services. To this end, micro-mobility protocols play an important role in providing seamless data delivery to terminals as they roam across different networks. However, such protocols typically lead to bottleneck congestion occurring within the access network. Within moving networks, in which a potentially vast number of terminals are present, the bottleneck congestion problem is significantly magnified, and can lead to increased call dropping probability and/or quality-of-service degradation. This paper therefore presents a novel mechanism, designed to ensure that the continuity of all sessions of a moving network is seamlessly preserved as it performs handovers to and within micro-mobility-enabled access networks.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationICT
Subtitle of host publicationInternational Conference on Telecommunications 2009, Marrakech, Morocco
Place of PublicationNEW YORK
Number of pages4
ISBN (Electronic)978-1-4244-2937-0
ISBN (Print)978-1-4244-2936-3
Publication statusPublished - May 2009
Event16th International Conference on Telecommunications (ICT) - Marrakech, Morocco
Duration: 25 May 200927 May 2009


Conference16th International Conference on Telecommunications (ICT)


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