An echocardiographic description of the Sulzer Carbomedics Synergy ST (Labcor) porcine valve in the aortic position

J Chambers, W Dolman, J Jawetz, A Ramos, J Collaco, J Barros-Pena

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Background and nim of the study: The Synergy ST (previously Labcor) valve is constructed from three separate porcine aortic cusps mounted on a scalloped, flexible, acetal copolymer stent. To date, no hemodynamic data describing this valve have been published. The aim of this study was to describe the echocardiographic findings in a population of unselected patients. Methods: One investigator, who was blinded to valve size, studied 84 patients (31 females, 53 males; mean age 58 years; range: 19-83 years) at four centers in Brazil. The valves were studied at a mean of 31 months after implantation (range: 1-116 months). Mean gradient was calculated using the long modified Bernoulli equation, effective orifice area (EOA) using the classical from of the continuity equation, and resistance as mean gradient/flow. Results:There were no significant differences in peak transaortic velocity and mean gradient between valves of different annulus size. However, EOA was directly related (p = 0.0075) and resistance indirectly related to valve size (p = 0.021, ANOVA). Trivial or mild regurgitation was seen in 31 patients (37%), moderate in three (4%) and severe in two (2%). The regurgitation was solely paraprosthetic in five patients, solely through the valve in 23, and both in seven. Regurgitation through the valve usually occurred adjacent to the commissures. Conclusion: The Synergy ST porcine valve has hemodynamics of forward flow similar to that of other stented porcine valves.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)661 - 666
Number of pages6
JournalJournal of Heart Valve Disease
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 2000
EventWorld Symposium on Heart Valve Disease - LONDON, ENGLAND
Duration: 1 Jan 2000 → …


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