Bounded Reasoning: Volume I: Classical Depth-Bounded Logics

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The “cost of reasoning”, i.e. the cognitive/computational effort required by nonideal, resource-bounded agents (whether human or artificial) in order to process available information, is a crucial issue in philosophy, AI, economics and cognitive (neuro)science. Accounting for this fundamental variable in modelling argumentation and decision-making for limited real-world agents is one of the most important and difficult challenges in the theory of rationality. It is also pivotal to significant advances in the field of “hybrid intelligence”, i.e. the combination of human and machine intelligence, one of the most promising directions of research in contemporary human-centered AI. With this book, we aim to launch a series that, under the general title of “Bounded Reasoning”, aims to create a community of researchers from several areas that wish to cooperate towards a systematic logical view of bounded rationality. In this first volume we discuss a specific informational view of bounded reasoning in classical logic that stems from a long standing research program. In future volumes we will build on established collaborations, as well as start new ones, to cover a wide variety of reasoning and decision making systems.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages202
Publication statusPublished - 2024


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