Common cutaneous infections

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    The skin is continuously exposed to a wide variety of pathogens and has a number of protective mechanisms to prevent invasive infection. Risk factors for infection include breaches of epithelial integrity through trauma or pre-existing dermatoses, underlying immunosuppression, diabetes mellitus, vascular disease and malnutrition. Cutaneous infections are common and can be potentially life-threatening. It is therefore important for all doctors to be able to accurately diagnose and manage common cutaneous infections. In this article, we describe the clinical features and management of the most common bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infestations.
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    Issue number6
    Early online date2 May 2017
    Publication statusPublished - Jun 2017


    • Candida
    • herpes simplex
    • impetigo
    • molluscum contagiosum
    • pediculosis
    • scabies
    • varicella zoster


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