CRB-MAC: A Receiver-based MAC Protocol for Cognitive Radio Equipped Smart Grid Sensor Networks

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Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have been widely recognized as a promising solution for enhancing various aspects of electric power grid and realizing the vision of smart grid. However, the challenging wireless environment in smart grid creates a number of challenges for WSNs, as a result of which energy efficiency and reliability become critically important. On the other hand, cognitive radio (CR) technology is expected to play a vital role in smart grid networks. The CR equipped sensor networks [or cognitive sensor networks (CSNs)] can effectively address the unique challenges of WSNs in smart grid. In this paper, we aim to design an energy efficient and reliable medium access control (MAC) protocol for CSNs. In this regard, we propose CRB-MAC which is a receiver-based MAC protocol for CSNs. The CRB-MAC uses preamble sampling and opportunistic forwarding techniques for providing high energy efficiency and reliability. In addition, CRB-MAC explicitly accounts for the peculiarities of a CR environment. Analytical and simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of CRB-MAC as a viable solution for CSNs.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)4325-4333
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Publication statusPublished - Dec 2014


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