Cultural Policy in South Korea: Making a New Patron State

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This is the first English-language book on cultural policy in Korea, which criti¬cally historicises and analyses the contentious and dynamic development of the policy. It highlights that the evolution of cultural policy has been bound up with the complicated political, economic and social trajectory of Korea to a surprising degree. Investigating the content and context of the policy from the period of Japanese colonial rule (1910–1945) until the military authoritarian regime (1961–1988), the book discusses how culture, often co-opted by the government, was mobilised to disseminate state agendas and define national identity. It then moves on to investigate the distinct characteristics of Korea’s contemporary cul¬tural policy since the 1990s, particularly its energetic pursuit of democracy, a market economy of culture and outward cultural globalisation (the Korean Wave). This book helps readers to understand the continuous presence of the ‘strong state’ in Korean cultural policy and its implications for the cultural life of Koreans. It argues that this exceptionally active cultural policy sets an important condition not only for artistic creation, cultural consumption and cul¬tural business in the country, but also for the nation’s ambitious endeavour to turn the success of its pop culture into a global phenomenon.

Chapter 1. Introduction: Culture and the State
Chapter 2. The Origins of Cultural Policy
Chapter 3. Modernising Country and Nationalising Culture
Chapter 4. Democracy and Cultural Policy Transformation
Chapter 5. Doing Cultural Policy in the Neoliberal Era
Chapter 6. The Korean Wave Inside Out
Chapter 7. Conclusion: Past, Present and Future of the New Patron State
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationLondon
Number of pages180
ISBN (Electronic)9781315736617
ISBN (Print)9781138831353, 9780367588557
Publication statusPublished - 26 Jul 2018

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NameMedia, Culture & Social Change in Asia


  • Korean cultural policy
  • Korean Wave
  • cultural industries
  • arts policy
  • cultural policy
  • patron state
  • national culture
  • content industries policy
  • Korean culture


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