Democracy and the Origins of the American Regulatory State

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Political scientist Samuel DeCanio examines how political elites used high levels of voter ignorance to create a new type of regulatory state with lasting implications for American politics. Focusing on the expansion of bureaucratic authority in late-nineteenth-century America, DeCanio’s exhaustive archival research examines electoral politics, the Treasury Department’s control over monetary policy, and the Interstate Commerce Commission’s regulation of railroads to examine how conservative politicians created a new type of bureaucratic state to insulate policy decisions from popular control.
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PublisherYale University Press
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Publication statusPublished - 27 Oct 2015

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  • United States
  • Elections
  • Politics and government
  • History
  • Representative government and representation
  • Political elites
  • Bureaucracy
  • Legislative power
  • Democracy
  • Legislation
  • Political campaigns
  • State autonomy


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