Dental mesenchymal stem cell research: how much will it translate to clinical orthodontics?

Suveer Sachdeva, Martyn T. Cobourne

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Oral mesenchymal stem cell populations have been identified in association with the mucosal tissues and both deciduous and permanent teeth in humans. These cells demonstrate in vitro characteristics that include the expression of specific markers, self-renewal and the capacity to differentiate into multiple cell types. The relative accessibility of these cell populations means that they may represent a source of stem cells with great potential for use in tissue regeneration. Significant research is now being carried out to further identify the origins, properties and potential applications of these cells and it is likely that they will have a significant impact on clinical dentistry over the coming decades. Here we review current knowledge relating to the biology of oral mesenchymal stem cells, discuss their wider potential applications within regenerative dentistry and speculate on their future role in clinical orthodontics.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 27 Jul 2017


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