Digital Governance syllabus

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This module focuses on contemporary issues in digital cultures, broadly defined. As it is a field that changes quickly, this module will reflect the latest changes in the field, and anchor them to historical and theoretical themes in the discipline. The focus of this year’s module is Digital Governance.

Digital technologies and the Internet have created new challenges and opportunities for governance. Some argue that technology is a self-directing force that cannot be governed. Others celebrate possibilities for decentralised self-governance by online communities outside the reach of governments and corporations. Yet these possibilities are in large part available only because of centralised government and corporate investment in digital technologies - from smartphones, to social media platforms, to telecommunications infrastructure - and government regulation.

In this module, we will examine the problems and possibilities for digital governance that arise from the interaction between communities, governments, and corporations in the creation and operation of digital technologies and the Internet. We will study these issues through a series of case studies involving key areas of digital governance, including data flows, technical standards, encryption, and more.
Original languageEnglish
TypeDigital Governance syllabus
Publication statusPublished - 2023


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