Displacement, Intimacy & Embodiment: Nearby Alain Gomis’ Multi Sensory Cinema

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As a film lecturer and filmmaker, I was thus keen to experiment with the medium of the audiovisual essay and dare to touch the films as a performative and embodied form of knowledge production and sustainable way of interacting with moving image works whose temporality extended emotionally beyond their durations. However, this was a challenge I was only able to embark on thanks to my university class members, who had bravely experimented with audiovisual essays, one of the creative assessment methods suggested for the film modules I was teaching at SOAS University of London. I am not sure about the extent to which those class members I had during my first-year teaching experience at SOAS are aware of how much I learned from them and the extent to which they have contributed to the redesign of such a creative assessment method, as I reflect in a recent article (Sendra, 2020).
Original languageEnglish
Journal[in]Transition: Journal of Videographic Film & Moving Image Studies
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 11 Oct 2022


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