Exploring The UK's Nuclear Security Response To Covid-19

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Having faced crises and unprecedented events in the past, nuclear energy is today one of the world’s most resilient and secure industrial sectors. Nevertheless, the Covid-19 pandemic has severely complicated operations, including in the delivery of nuclear security. Nuclear facilities around the world have faced significant pressure to maintain business continuity, ensure the health and wellbeing of staff, and provide protection against potentially evolving threats. This paper explores the challenges faced by the nuclear industry in the area of nuclear security, with a focus on the United Kingdom’s experience of the Covid-19 pandemic. It employs empirical evidence gathered from interviews conducted with key stakeholders in UK government, the regulatory body, a range of nuclear operators and the national armed response capability. In so doing, the paper provides practical examples of how dutyholders – working with government and the regulator – have devised solutions to challenges such as absenteeism, supply chain management and remote working. Several of these innovations have in fact increased efficiencies in the delivery of nuclear security – and may be maintained even after the effects of the pandemic dissipate.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationInstitute of Nuclear Materials Management
Publication statusPublished - 30 Aug 2021


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