Film documentary: Fem's Way

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The adult sex industry continues to evolve with the evolution of culture itself. In the era of “sexting” and “selfie culture”, practices of sexualised self-exposure and performances have been multiplying across diverse networks and platforms. The proliferation of digital technologies has also enabled the spread of various sub-genres of pornography, one of which is Feminist Porn. Feminist Porn (or Fem Porn) is pornography produced by self-identifying sex-positive feminists with the aim to diversify the depiction of sexuality and empower its performers through ethical work practices, such as fair pay and consent. Weaving together personal narratives and scholarly accounts from a feminist sex performer (Kali Sudhra), a political activist (Emma Holten), a porn scholar (Rebecca Saunders) and a sex shop owner (Sandra Crespo), the film, Fem’s Way, examines the politics and ethics of the Fem Porn industry as well as its contentious relation to capital and market ethos. Ultimately the question driving this film is: what is feminist about Fem Porn and how does it differ from mainstream porn?
Original languageEnglish
Media of outputFilm documentary
Publication statusPublished - 2020


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