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First T2K measurement of transverse kinematic imbalance in the muon-neutrino charged-current single- π+ production channel containing at least one proton

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Original languageEnglish
Article number112009
JournalPhysical Review D
Issue number11
Published21 Jun 2021

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Funding Information: We thank the J-PARC staff for superb accelerator performance. We thank the CERN NA61/SHINE Collaboration for providing valuable particle production data. We acknowledge the support of MEXT, JSPS KAKENHI (Grants No. JP16H06288, No. JP18K03682, No. JP18H03701, No. JP18H05537, No. JP19J01119, No. JP19J22440, No. JP19J22258, No. JP20H00162, No. JP20H00149, and No. JP20J20304) and bilateral programs (Grants No. JPJSBP120204806 and No. JPJSBP120209601), Japan; NSERC, the NRC, and CFI, Canada; the CEA and CNRS/IN2P3, France; the DFG (RO 3625/2), Germany; the INFN, Italy; the Ministry of Education and Science (Grant No. DIR/WK/2017/05) and the National Science Centre (Grant No. UMO-2018/30/E/ST2/00441), Poland; the RSF (Grant No. 19-12-00325), RFBR (Grant No. JSPS-RFBR 20-52-50010\20) and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (Grant No. 075-15-2020-778), Russia; MICINN (Grants No. SEV-2016-0588, No. PID2019–107564 GB-I00, No. PGC2018-099388-BI00) and ERDF funds and CERCA program, Spain; the SNSF and SERI (Grants No. 200021_185012, No. 200020_188533, and No. 20FL21_186178I), Switzerland; the STFC, UK; and the DOE, USA. We also thank CERN for the UA1/NOMAD magnet, DESY for the HERA-B magnet mover system, NII for SINET5, the WestGrid and SciNet consortia in Compute Canada, and GridPP in the United Kingdom. In addition, the participation of individual researchers and institutions has been further supported by funds from the ERC (FP7), “la Caixa” Foundation (ID 100010434, fellowship code LCF/BQ/IN17/11620050), the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Grants Agreement No. 713673 and No. 754496, and H2020 Grants No. RISE-GA822070-JENNIFER2 2020 and No. RISE-GA872549-SK2HK; the JSPS, Japan; the Royal Society, UK; French ANR Grant No. ANR-19-CE31-0001; the DOE Early Career programme, USA; and RFBR, Project No. 20-32-70196. Publisher Copyright: © 2021 authors. Published by the American Physical Society. Copyright: Copyright 2021 Elsevier B.V., All rights reserved.

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This paper reports the first T2K measurement of the transverse kinematic imbalance in the single-π+ production channel of neutrino interactions. We measure the differential cross sections in the muon-neutrino charged-current interaction on hydrocarbon with a single π+ and at least one proton in the final state, at the ND280 off axis near detector of the T2K experiment. The extracted cross sections are compared to the predictions from different neutrino-nucleus interaction event generators. Overall, the results show a preference for models that have a more realistic treatment of nuclear medium effects including the initial nuclear state and final-state interactions.

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