Genome-wide association defines more than 30 distinct susceptibility loci for Crohn's disease

J C Barrett, S Hansoul, D L Nicolae, J H Cho, R H Duerr, J D Rioux, S R Brant, M S Silverberg, K D Taylor, M M Barmada, A Bitton, T Dassopoulos, L W Datta, T Green, A M Griffiths, E O Kistner, M T Murtha, M D Regueiro, J I Rotter, L P SchummA H Steinhart, S R Targan, R J Xavier, C Libioulle, C Sandor, M Lathrop, J Belaiche, O Dewit, I Gut, S Heath, D Laukens, M Mni, P Rutgeerts, A Van Gossum, D Zelenika, D Franchimont, J P Hugot, M de Vos, S Vermeire, E Louis, L R Cardon, C A Anderson, H Drummond, E Nimmo, T Ahmad, N J Prescott, C M Onnie, S A Fisher, J Marchini, J Ghori, S Bumpstead, R Gwilliam, M Tremelling, P Deloukas, J Mansfield, D Jewell, J Satsangi, C G Mathew, M Parkes, M Georges, M J Daly

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Several risk factors for Crohn's disease have been identified in recent genome-wide association studies. To advance gene discovery further, we combined data from three studies on Crohn's disease ( a total of 3,230 cases and 4,829 controls) and carried out replication in 3,664 independent cases with a mixture of population-based and family-based controls. The results strongly confirm 11 previously reported loci and provide genome-wide significant evidence for 21 additional loci, including the regions containing STAT3, JAK2, ICOSLG, CDKAL1 and ITLN1. The expanded molecular understanding of the basis of this disease offers promise for informed therapeutic development
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)955 - 962
Number of pages8
JournalNature Genetics
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - Aug 2008


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