Heroines of Olympus: The Women of Greek Mythology

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'Switching the focus of Greek myths to bring women, so frequently the supporting cast, to the fore is refreshing and provides a modern take on some very old stories' - Fortean Times

Cunning, seductive, monstrous, virtuous - whether in divine or mortal form, women shape the foundations of ancient Greek mythology, but have long been eclipsed by their male counterparts. Now, it's time for their stories to be told.
Heroines of Olympus tells the tales of 50 of the most enthralling women of Greek mythology, including goddesses and nymphs such as majestic Athena, goddess of war; vengeful Nemesis, goddess of retribution; and gladiatorial Amazon queen Hippolyta, as well as mortals and demigods such as long-suffering Andromache, murderous Clytemnestra and joyous Iphis. Alongside each story, a character portrait, captivating illustration and explanation of their historic roles by ancient historian Dr Ellie Mackin Roberts provide an indispensable contemporary perspective on these extraordinary women.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherWelbeck Publishing Group
ISBN (Print)9781787394926
Publication statusPublished - 2020


  • Greek mythology


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