Immersive experiences in museums, galleries and heritage sites: a review of research findings and issues

Jenny Kidd, Eva Nieto McAvoy

Research output: Working paper/PreprintDiscussion paper


This paper offers an introductory overview and reference guide on immersive experiences for heritage organisations and their funders. It reviews emergent themes from academic research into immersive experiences in museums, galleries and heritage sites, andpresents a number of recommendations. Given (in particular) technological developments over the past decade, there has been a resurgence of scholarly interest in immersive media and immersive storytelling in such contexts, and this paper highlights key debates and findings from that investigation. It brings together and makes connections between creative, production and audience opportunities and challenges, particularly challenges relating to evaluation. This discussion paper is intended for those workingin arts and heritage contexts who are considering adding immersive approaches to their portfolio, are interested in how audiences or users might respond, and want to know more about some of the associated challenges. For those researching immersive experiences, it highlights gaps and potential agendas for future research. It also offers an insight into academic research findings that will be useful for policy makers and funders who may be considering the value proposition of such approaches. A full bibliography is included at the end of the report which provides a resource for others researching or practicing in this area.
Original languageUndefined/Unknown
PublisherCreative Industries' Policy and Evidence Centre (PEC)
ISBN (Print)9781913095161
Publication statusPublished - 1 Nov 2019

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